When you live and work in Hamburg, a container is not an unusual sight. You see them on the streets, on ships on the river Elbe, and along construction sites and warehouses. An everyday sight that still manages to surprise and wow, is the view of the opposite riverbank and the harbor from the Landungsbrücken. There, units are piled up to huge stacks. Whether already loaded or still on the quay, containers are everywhere.

Container icon

Even when the tide changes the work goes on. 

The floating excavator

A bit more unusual is a sight close to the iCON offices. For a few weeks now, a crawler excavator on a pontoon has been removing silt from the Nikolaifleet. It is quite common to use a standard hydraulic excavator for dredging. The superstructure is mounted on a pontoon and can then be used as a mobile and floating excavator. Due to the limited scope of action, this method can only be used on shallow inland waters.

workshop container

The excavator working

The workshop container

Next to the excavator on the pontoon is the really interesting part. The blue container serves as a mobile workshop and lounge. Workshop containers are special containers, either offered in a standard variety or made to order. For the workshop containers, an existing sea container can be remodeled. Alternatively, it can be ordered directly from the factory. Standard equipment includes a workbench, shelving, light and power sockets. However, any additional customer requests can be added as well. For example, a workshop container can be equipped with standard wing doors, or smaller ones for people to walk through. Whether windows are installed, is a matter of taste and cost.

Werkstattcontainer Container

A typical workshop container with a split door.

Single source container design

Here at iCON International Container Services, we have already produced several projects of this kind. Since they involve a lot of creativity, remodeling projects like these are particularly interesting. The technical planning and consulting are part of our portfolio. Especially for these kinds of projects, it’s important to work closely with the customer. Depending on the requirements for the workshop container, a large part can already be considered during its construction in the Far East. This saves time and money for all parties.

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